7 QC Tools Software for Business Process Improvement

7 Quality Control Tools Software

Industry Standard Tools to ensure Quality, Analyze Data, Improve Business Processes Continuously

Collaborate & Solve Problems

Teams deliver on challenges better when collaboration becomes easier and faster

Visualize Data

Numbers do not have the impact that Charts, Graphs and Diagrams provide. Data Visualization is the key to informed decision making

Share Knowledge

Answers from past issues, solutions empower teams to deliver faster, easier and in confidence

Live!QC Tools Software Products


US$ 749

Basic 7 QC Tools required for any process definition, measurement, control, analyses for improvement and sharing, enabling the PDCA Process

  • Flow Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Histogram
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Control Chart
  • Check Sheet
  • User Preferences
  • Themes for Charts & Diagrams
  • Live!Search
  • Action Taken
  • History & Traceability
  • Export Options for Charts & Diagrams
  • Classification & Grouping
  • Public & Private Rights Management


US$ 999

Essentials with Productivity Tools for Organization-wide integration and collaboration for effective use across cross-functional teams

In addition to ESSENTIALS …

  • Online Observation & Feedback
  • Action Taken & Proof Attachment
  • Live!Reports
  • Live!Report Templates
  • Pre-configured Templates for all 7 QC Tools
  • Live!Task
  • Data Collector – Spreadsheet, CSV & TXT Files


US$ 1249

Prime with Tools for Corporates looking to improve processes by unifying multiple data sources for better and informed decision making

In addition to PRIME …

  • Data Collector – RDBMS (MS SQL & POSTGRESQL)
  • Multi-Chart View

Prices indicated are for Standalone Permanent License to Use (Please refer License Agreement).  Includes 1 Year Support, Upgrades. Taxes and Levies as applicable would apply.

"From my past experience as much as ninety percent of all problems within a company can be solved by means of these tools."

Kaoru Ishikawa

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa on 7 QC Tools

Why Live!QC Tools for your Business?

Powerful Features of Live!QC Tools

  • Collaborate & Share Charts, Diagrams, ReportsClassify Data according to Departments, Functions, Criteria, Business Processes
  • Search Past Data, Charts, Diagrams & Reports
  • Present Data the way you want it
  • Rich Formatting Features for Diagrams
  • WYSIWYG Interface and Tools
  • Establish Industry Standard Best-in-Class Practices with 7 QC Tools
  • Client Server Architecture powered by Microsoft SQL or POSTGRESQL

7 QC Tools for Business Processes

  • Flow Chart
  • Histogram
  • Pareto Chart
  • Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Control Charts (XBar/ R)
  • Check Sheet

Put your data to work

  • Collaborate & Share
  • Adopt Templates for Higher Productivity
  • Analyze & Improve Processes
  • Solve Issues Faster
  • Achieve Consistent Growth
  • Perform Effective Process Improvement
  • Apply for ANY Process & reap dividends
  • Build Knowledgebase of Actions taken
  • Implement Data driven decisions
Unique Capabilities of Live!QC

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