Leverage Enterprise Data for Continuous Process Improvement

6 Reasons to choose Live!QC Tools Expert for your Company

Data available across various Databases in the organization

Multiple copies of same Data/Information

More than One Department involved in Solving an Issue

Single System to Unify Data across Multiple Sources

Dynamic Data Tracking to Capture Trends and Issues early on

Effective Use of Data/ Information in addressing Challenges

Turn YOUR Data into GOLD

Every business needs to leverage on Data, review performance and continuously improve processes to achieve sustainable growth and profitability.  Live!QC Tools Expert module helps achieve that easily with tools and techniques that are easy to implement and use every day.

  • Connect to already available Relational Databases for leveraging data and putting it in consumable form
  • Connect the dots between processes, charts, cause-and-effect analysis using Multi-chart View
Defect Analysis - Cost of Poor Quality

Connecting the Dots …

ICON Goal Target
Defect Analysis using QC Tools - Charts and Diagrams

Every challenge has a solution.  Choosing the optimal solution in terms of Cost, Time and Quality, requires data, ability to isolate the root causes and provide working solution in terms of processes.  Notwithstanding the solution provided, it is important to monitor the effectiveness of the solution in a consistent way.  That’s exactly what Live!QC Tools empowers Organizations.

Data, when put to effective use, across organization leads to democratization of processes whereby decisions are taken at responsible levels having ownership to the cause.  

In today’s world where customers are impatient and demanding, dynamic alignment to customer’s changing needs is a barometer for success and growth.  Instead of reacting to situations, if one addresses the same as it evolves, time and efforts are well spent to achieve pole position in the chosen areas of activity.  Live!QC Tools is an invaluable asset to achieve this in a seamless manner across the enterprise.

Benefits of Live!QC Tools Expert

    • Review Production Data for Manufacturing Execution Systems to enable process review and corrective actions
    • Defect Analysis of Process Outcome
    • Sales Data Analysis for find answers to Challenges in winning orders
    • Multi-disciplinary data correlation for robust problem resolution
    • Enterprise-wide study of cascading effects of changes, issues and solutions
    • Build Customer Success Models by leveraging and combining multiple data sources into a Unified framework with Live!QC Tools
Live!QC Tools Benefits