Live!QC Tools Essentials - 7 QC Tools for Business

Live!QC Tools provides a framework for recording data, and the well-known 7 QC Tools to interpret fully and derive maximum use of the data.  The simple methods provided in Live!QC Tools offer any Organization the means of collecting, presenting and analyzing the data recorded.

7 Essential Tools

  • Process Flow Chart – What is done and how?
  • Check sheets – Data recording in frequent intervals (defined periodicity)
  • Histograms – What does the data look like and its  Consistency?
  • Pareto – Which are the big problems/ contributors?
  • Fishbone / Ishikawa Diagram – What causes the problems identified?
  • Scatter Diagram – What are the relationship between factors?
  • Control Charts – Which variations to control and how?
Essentials - Word Art
ACES with 7 QC Tools

Solve Issues Faster & Easier

Key to Solving Problems is a clinical approach in gathering, analyzing and viewing data in comprehensible form.  All Aces are in place to win a Satisfied Customer, when 7 QC Tools are put to use in a methodical manner where collaboration and brainstorming yield dividends using Live!QC Tools.

7 Reasons to implement Live!QC Tools

  • Solve Problems by addressing the Root Cause
  • Document Processes for benefit of stakeholders
  • Develop Knowledgebase of Solutions
  • Verify Relationship between Causal Factors
  • Assess Impact of Changes introduced
  • Ensure Processes stay on course
  • Understand Significant Contributors better
7 Reasons to use 7QC Tools